Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all commercial proposals developed by Blended Training Services for the Elearning Pills service.

The Customer is hiring Blended Training Services to develop an elearning course as specified on this website, reflected in the commercial proposal submitted to the Customer in response to its request for information.

• The proposal is valid for a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of submission of the
proposal document;
• Services are invoiced 50% at the time of award and the remaining upon final delivery;
• Payment within 30 days;
• Any change to the content of the Project will always be subject to a review of the value of
the proposed investment;
• The Project request must be made with a minimum of 15 (fifteen) business days in relation
to the date of its realization;
• It is up to the Client to designate the place where the components applicable to the Project
will be carried out and also bear the respective expenses;
• Outside Lisbon, the client is responsible for the expenses related to travel, food and
accommodation for the Consultant;
• Blended Training Services will provide the Customer with the resources, presentations,
micro elearning course materials and other materials as defined in the Agreement;
• All shipping costs and fees applicable to the contracted work will be the responsibility of the
Customer and will be invoiced on delivery, based on the terms agreed in the proposal.