Digital Transition

The Future: digital transformation of training & development

Digital transformation starts internally, with employees, with work devices and, above all, with people's mindset.
Our goal now is to help companies not only understand the current digital context, but also direct their efforts to create products focused on today's needs, and that don't waste the trainees' time.
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Digital learning strategies focus on the trainee’s learning experience in the digital environment.

Our service is characterized by a flexibility of tools and strategies that allow a greater involvement of the trainee with the content, based on a strong creativity and spirit of innovation.

The work process involves drawing a 5-phase project plan.

Phase 1

Survey of the needs of the client and meet the objectives required for the learning experience in question, resulting in an educational proposal.

Phase 2

Initial design that is validated and appropriate with the customer’s input. In this phase, our instructional designers give free rein to creativity and design the training narratives materialized in the pedagogical design.

Phase 3

Creating a prototype of the desired experience. It can include audio samples, examples of animations and videos, custom design, etc

Phase 4

Effective production begins after the customer “signs” the presented design and prototype. It is at this stage that the “factory” comes into action!

Phase 5

Said and done, everything goes through a rigorous quality control and implementation in LMS (test and final). And that’s when our products are finally ready to be launched to the audience.

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