Behavioral Based Safety (Tack TMI IP)

Course consisting of 8 missions in online format with animated videos

This course covers

Security can often be seen by employees as a “barrier” to their performance, something that discourages them, that consumes time or that affects an area of performance that has no recognition.

The most significant challenge is to change the way Safety is understood in the workplace and that this function is not exclusive to SHT teams and managers.

To create an environment where security is intrinsic, managers and employees must take ownership of the theme. They must inspire and be motivated to do so, in a top down strategy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Visible Safety Leadership: Introduction
  • Security Triple Check
  • Report Near Misses
  • Conduct Security Notes
  • Perform Audits
  • Security Stories
  • Involve others: listen and learn
  • Generating Trust: the basis for good relations

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